Rocketmania League

The largest Rocket League competitions in Central and Eastern Europe. 26 teams from 4 countries will compete in the first season (2019/2020). National stage consists of the main phase and play-offs. The champion of each league will advance to the Grand Final in which it will compete for the cup and attractive prizes.

Poland Rocket League scene is one of the oldest and most balanced in the region. During the first season teams known from Grand Yee Tournament and Actina Rocketmania Cup presented by ESE will fight for the spot in the Grand Final. ESE Team seems to be favorite but strong squads of Actina Pact, TurboBenc, Koma Polish Gaming and Synerium Gaming will try to surprise the opponents.

The competition promises to be interesting, but MTK Budapest is the heavy favourite. This is currently the strongest Hungarian line-up. The team showed its strength in Poznan by winning the Actina Rocketmania Cup presented by ESE. In Hungary, just like in Poland, scene developed strongly the 2-on- 2 format of the Rocket League. Fans are hoping for hard fought battles in the 3-on-3 mode.

This region’s rivalry seems to the most evenly matched. In both countries there are numerous Rocket League tournaments but main participants are the local teams. Squads from both countries have little international experience so the competition will be even fiercer since the finalist will have a chance to square off against the best teams from Poland and Hungary.

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