After every success there comes a time for summary of your achievement. Beside the great way to the final, K1CK and ESE accomplished huge social media numbers.

On the night from Saturday (April 9, 2020) to Sunday a picture of our team’s marksman went viral. As a result over 4,000 people have tweeted his name along posting his picture to their feed. This act proved the power of Polish League of Legends fans, which we are really grateful for.

Hashtag “PolskaGurom” made a gigantic reach of 1.5 million, and the word “Puki” was used 4 thousand times. More than for K1CK, it is a success for our every partner and sponsor. It also proves that making an investment in Polish League of Legends is really worthwile.

Our players’ twitter content was seen over 8 milion times.

The huge support from fans all over Europe resulted in unprecedented engagement not only for Puki Style. If we combine numbers from our players’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we get more than 10 million times, that their content was seen.

All of the numbers assembled by us are provided on the info graphic bellow.

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