We’re delighted to announce that we’ve become the marketing partner of Porsche Esports Sprint Challenge Poland, a tournament of the Polish Championship in Digital Motorsport range.

The drivers compete behind the wheels of virtual Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport cars. The event, organised and promoted by Ragnar Simulator is listed in the official calendar of the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation.

We’re absolutely delighted to have ESE’s logo on the Porsche cars and the tracks in Assetto Corsa, on which the best Polish sim racers will compete“ said Konrad Wasiela, CEO of ESE Entertainment. 

The strategic Partner of the project is Porsche, a brand strongly associated with motorsport and competitive racing. It is worth mentioning that Porsche has already been involved in the world of virtual racing in the past, including organising the global Porsche Esports Supercup.

The coronavirus pandemic crisis and its consequences have accelerated the growth of this form of motorsport competition” says Marek Sworowski, Porsche Poland’s Head of Marketing. “Porsche has always bravely explored new paths, hence our joy at being the patron of the new event in Poland’s motorsport calendar”, he adds.  

Sim racing is one of the fastest growing esports areas, which has been supported by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) for over two years. FIA reinforces sim racing by endorsing esports competitions, cooperating with game publishers and encouraging local organisations to explore the esport side of racing. The most groundbreaking decision made by FIA, was to officially recognize digital racing as one of the disciplines in which the Federation’s members are allowed to run virtual tournaments of the country’s Championship range, under the formal name of Digital Motorsport. The FIA’s strategy of promotion and expansion of Digital Motorsport in Poland is being brought to life by Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation (PZMot) – one of the first FIA members (among 239) to run a National Championship in Digital Motorsport. 

Professional drivers have been using racing simulators in their training routine for a long time. Now, esports is becoming a discipline of its own for the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation. We are thrilled to be able to bring together a global automotive legend like Porsche, and the esports pacemakers Ragnar Simulator and ESE Entertainment in this project” adds Michał Sikora, the Head of Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation. 

The first and foremost goal of ESE Entertainment’s actions is promoting the tournament in which, for the first time, a sim racer will officially become a Polish Champion and be invited to the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Federation Gala. The Gala, being the main event of the year, is where the best drivers competing in PZMot’s motorsport races and series are being awarded for their achievements. 

To promote the event, ESE Entertainment acquired media partners such as onet.pl and sports radio Weszło.FM. The cooperation with onet.pl includes an advertisement campaign. Weszło.FM, along with ESE Entertainment’s experts, prepared a broadcast called Virtual Pit Stop (#wirtualnypitstop), fully dedicated to the Polish Championship competition under Porsche Esports Sprint Challenge Poland. 

“The engagement of ESE Entertainment in Porsche Esports Sprint Challenge Poland comes mainly from the organization’s strategy, which includes creating esports and gaming projects that allow us to bring together the worlds of virtual and real-life sports competition” says Michał Mango, ESE Entertainment’s Head of Strategy. “The popularity of the discipline during the time of pandemic is a confirmation of the relevance of our vision. Due to being unable to compete in classic motorsport, many drivers racing in Formula 1 and other prestigious series chose to take part in sim racing” adds Michał Mango.

The Porsche Esports Sprint Challenge Poland competition will last until September of 2020. It consists of 6 rounds, among which two are to be played on Polish tracks – Silesia Ring and Tor Poznań. Although the title of the Polish Champion is at stake, the competition has an open formula and anyone can take part.
In order to participate, the players need to install the Assetto Corsa game on their PCs, along with the specified add-ons (the specifics of which are included in the event’s rulebook that can be found on the following website http://www.porscheesports.pl/#/championship).

To sign up for the tournament, visit  http://www.porscheesports.pl/

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