This year’s premier of the FIFA 20 was special for our organization. ESE has acquired new team with as many as 18 players. FIFA 11 vs 11 is fairly new FIFA’s mode. The game is very exciting since every soccer player on the field is represented by a human esports player.

Thanks to the cooperation with well-known influencer and youtuber DEV (600 000 subscribers), ESE became new home for his organization – Devastation. ESE 11 competes in as many as 4 leagues in 2019/2020 season. We defend championship title in Polska Liga Wirtualnych Klubów (PLWK) and win Polska Liga Esportowa (PLE) we are one of major candidates for the crown. Internationally, ESE 11 competes in VPG where our goal is to finish in the top-4. Korona Kielce and popular Izako Boars  are our main competitors on Polish scene.

Intensive preparations for the season quality was proved by our team’s results in the exhibition tournament that took place lately. 8 top teams from Russia and 8 top teams from Poland took stage. ESE 11 was the runner-up of the tournament losing only to Izako Boars in the final.