In August and September Polish players had an opportunity to play in the oldest Rocket League tournament in our country – Red Bull Wjazd na bramkę. 2019 edition was the third in players competed in 2-on-2 format. This year’s Red Bull tournament was the first on for our organization. ESE has submitted two teams – ESE White (Petrick and Niseron) and ESE Black (Bruz na Zamas).

Our teams easily qualified for the final tournament. ESE White and ESE Black squads were joined by other 6 top Polish teams. Final tournament was organized in Katowice in the ESL studio on September 28th. It turned out that the two finalists were … from one organization – ESE. Double win is unpreceded in Rocket League rivalry in Poland.

ESE White won against its brother team ESE Black. It was Petrick’s third win in Red Bull competitions. Thanks to his domination, he is recognized in Poland as Rocket League legend.