The biggest league competition in Central and Eastern Europe in Rocket League which was established in 2015 and has exceeded 50.000.000 players! The first season of Rocketmania will consist of 26 teams from 4 countries: Poland, Hungary, Czechia and Slovakia. The league is divided into 3 regions and the champion from each will advance to the grand final in hopes on winning the championship for CEE.

The first season of Rocketmania starts on November 29, 2019. It is organized by ESE which is heavily invested in the Polish Rocket League scene. The league is divided into: Rocketmania Poland, Rocketmania Hungary, Rocketmania Czechia and Slovakia.

The first season will feature teams known from “Grand Yee Tournament” (GYT) and “Actina Rocketmania Cup presented by ESE”. The 10 best teams emerged from the open qualifiers in Poland: ESE Team, Actina PACT, TurboBenc, Łebet, KPG Team, Synerium Gaming, OK Boomer, Up&Over, Down&Under, ANT.

Since Rocketmania inception into the CEE region; ESE league has grown. ESE first event was a showmatch between FC Barcelona and Piast Gliwice.  It was vastly promoted in Poland and in Spain. As a follow up ESE organized its tournament the Rocketmania Cup in which 7 Polish teams participated along with the legendary Hungarian sport and esport organization – MTK Budapest. Our Hungarian guests ended up winning the tournament. Our sponsors Actina, LG and AMD where very happy with the results and continue to support us as we move into 2020 strong with events scheduled at Intel Extreme Masters (IEM).

Rocket League (RL) is a really dynamic game, merging aspects of soccer and motorization. Players control cars, trying to score the soccer ball into their opponents net. The game is played relatively easily but has high skill ceiling. Since RL’s debut in 2015 and in 3 years gathered loyal fanbase. Currently it is played by 50 million gamers from Europe, Australia, Asia, South and North America. In summer this year RL was introduced in China and from September it is widely available in the all of Asia. Rocket League’s potential has been noticed by Intel which have also sponsored the 2020 Olympics where during pre-Olympics rivalry Rocket League will be played along with Street Fighter.

ESE RL team is predicted to be the strongest squad in RocketMania. They did show they their goal is to be the best. It is worth mentioning that two teams representing ESE took both 1 and 2 place during this year RedBull sponsored tournament “Wjazd na Bramkę”. Additionally, ESE captain Patryk “Petrick” Krzywda won every edition of this event. ESE was also active at Poznan Games Arena (PGA) where we organized “Actina Rocketmania Cup presented by ESE” and during that tournament ESE Team clashed with Hungarian MTK Budapest, as previously mentioned.

“Organizing Rocketmania in the CEE region has been a huge success. The Polish scene had “Grand Yee Tournament” and “Red Bull Wjazd na Bramkę” and Hungary had their own “Dribble Hungary” but we wanted to take Rocket League to another level in the region”– said Mikołaj “Kolia” Więckowski from ESE, coordinator of the Rocketmania project.

ESE’ plan for 2020 is to grow league throughout all of CEE. Participants ranging from the Baltic and Balkan countries, Russia, Ukraine and Austria will take part. In 2020 additional edition of Rocketmania Nations is planned, featuring national teams. “ESE has a plan to introduce to Rocketmania more games connected to Rocket League” – Mikołaj “Kolia” Więckowski adds.

Watch Rocketmania live on – https://www.twitch.tv/ese_esports

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