Poznań Game Arena is one of the biggest gaming industry events in Poland as well as Central-East Europe. 200,000 visitors attend the Poznań Fairs event.

For the 2019 edition of the fairs, in cooperation with Actina, AMG and LG, ESE organized Rocketmania Cup. ESE once again invited a well-known foreign team the renowned Hungarian team MTK Budapest as a follow up to our FC Barcelona event in Gliwice.

Besides our guest from Hungary, Actina Pack, ESE Team and 5 other top Polish players showed up in Poznań. 8 teams played in LAN tournament in play-off format. After easy quarterfinal, ESE advanced to the semi-final. A strong Actina Pact team was our rival but another easy 3-0 win elevated ESE to the grand final.

In the final ESE was not that lucky this time; MTK Budapest came out victorious 3-1 .

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